Endorsing Partner

The EA Institute is a privately held training and development consultancy dedicated to transforming how Executive Assistants and Administrators think, lead, work and behave.
We do this by training and developing administrators to successfully deliver on extraordinary commitments to business outcomes and results, while expanding and enhancing their leadership impact, capabilities and competencies. Enabling companies to significantly elevate their business performance.
Founded in 2017, with an office in Melbourne, Australia, The EA Institute serves clients throughout Australia, New Zealand and Asia. Our clients span a broad range of industries including energy, oil and gas, financial services, pharmaceuticals, transportation, mining, manufacturing, technology, engineering and construction. The EA Institute has worked with many public sector organisations.

Media Partner

PS News is an online newspaper packed with news and other information designed to inform, entertain and challenge the professional staff of public sector organisations and other interested parties around the nation.

PS News is totally independent of Government, union or political influence and is compiled and updated by journalists in Canberra and other capital cities.  Its editorial policy is to be unashamedly pro-PS, a philosophy shared by its contributors, associates and generous advertisers whose preference for doing business with public servants and the Public Service prompts them to pay the PS News’s bills. God bless ‘em!